At Acton Academy, all of our studios are multi-age environments where children learn at their own pace and have customized curriculum for their core skills.

Spark Studio

Our Spark Studio is the place to ignite your child’s love of learning early on in life. Here your young child will begin to learn about self-respect, respect for others, and accountability. With Montessori and Reggio Emilia influences, this studio works to create collaboration and independence through play.

Adventure Studio

Heroes will begin to come into their own in the Adventure Studio. Here, they will stretch their abilities in Reading, Writing, and Math while they challenge themselves to hone their leadership skills by leading younger learners.

Explorer Studio

Our elementary school learners will work within the full Acton Academy model. Socratic Conversations, Core Skills and Hands-On Quests make up the daily life of the Explorer Studio Heroes.

Launchpad Studio

Find a calling. Change the world. In our capstone studio environment, learners attack the goals that they have before launching out into the world. They participate in apprenticeships, study based on their own interests, and game plan the future and all that it holds for them. 

How Acton Academy Is Different

Traditional School

  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • Curriculum Determined by Adults
  • Homework
  • Standardized Test Administration
  • Limited content based on grade level
  • Teachers teach material
  • Monday through Friday schedule
  • Students work to master courses

Acton Academy Fishers

  • Parents can opt-in to standardized tests, but no studio time is spent practicing test items
  • Curriculum determined by young heroes
  • No homework
  • Unlimited content
  • Guides lead heroes through questioning prompts to encourage critical thinking and problem solving
  • Monday through Thursday schedule
  • Heroes seek to find their passions and callings