In the beginning…

Part 1

Hi, I’m Erin Duros. I am thrilled to announce I am opening Acton Academy in Fishers for the 2021-2022 school year. Acton Academy is a private school who is revitalizing education. Acton’s first school originated in Austin, Texas in 1992. Currently, there are over 270 Acton Academy’s globally. I look forward to sharing my “why” behind opening an Acton Academy. You see, I grew up in this One-Room Schoolhouse pictured below. I spent many hours teaching to my make-believe students. After graduating, I started my career as an elementary teacher. I spent 18 years in public education and while most of it was as a teacher, I never thought the title “teacher” defined me. I was a child advocate and my northern star was doing what was best for the individual student. I was very blessed and had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing teachers and faculty over those 18 years. My experience, my passion, and belief that we underestimate our students led me to recognize that every student, every learner, was an individual and the days of asking the student to adjust to my teaching was not what was best for the child. I needed to put ego to the side, give up some of the proverbial control and accept that what was best for my learners was for me to alter my teaching to the student instead of the student adjusting to my teaching. I saw the results, I recognized the progress that all my students were making and I was on fire. I knew this was what was best for my students. However, as time passed and the years progressed the reality of standardized education required me to adjust what I knew in my heart was best for the whole child. That was very hard for me to accept and I was quickly losing my passion for teaching. I was not able to be an advocate for children, my days were full of mundane requirements that had more to do with checking a box then it did what was best for the child.

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