Our Story

Erin Duros

Head of School, Co-Founder Acton Academy Fishers

Erin is a child advocate. Her passion is to inspire, educate and empower children. She has had various roles in education over the past 17 years. Erin holds her masters degree in Elementary Education. She began and ended her day questioning societal norms and expectations of children. She cannot wait to see the transformational growth throughout Fishers and beyond, by this blessing, Acton Academy. She is excited to be a part of Acton Fishers, where learners are trusted and honored, their natural curiosities are sparked, and they have opportunities to thrive in the community. Erin has been a resident of Fishers for 40 years. She lives with her husband, Allen, and their three teenage children. Erin is thrilled to be having her youngest daughter attend Acton Fishers this fall to have a driver’s seat in transforming her own educational journey.

Lyndie Metz
Advisor, Co-Founder of Acton Fishers
Laura Sandefer
Advisor, Co-Founder of Acton Academy
Jeff Sandefer
Advisor, Co-Founder of Acton Academy